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Sunday - May 04, 2014

High Performance Driver Education

Host: Don Gervais

Post-event (July 03, 2014)

This was a combined event with the Badgerland Miata Club and the R.X. Club of Wisconsin. This event (Lapping Day) was held at USA International Raceway in Shawano, Wisconsin.

Cars were grouped 8 at a time. A lapping day allows you and your car on the track for four 15 minute driving sessions. This is a great way to learn your car's capabilities. During your driving sessions you have the opportunity of improving your driving skills through practice and, if so desired, you can have an experienced driver ride along to coach you in your driving skills. Cars and drivers are grouped by performance and skill.

See Don's in-car video (mv4, 17.7MB) of one lap of USA International Raceway.

List of BMC participants

  1. Don G. Miata
  2. Lucas A. Miata, or Audi TT, or F. Prepared Datsun Z
  3. Robin N. Miata
  4. John L. Miata
  5. Jim N. Miata or Vett
  6. Martin D. Miata
  7. Tom C. Miata
  8. Audra W. Miata
  9. Eric (Audra's Friend) Porsche
  10. David W. Miata
  11. Mike T F-Prepared Datsun 240Z

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