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Jan 13 : Palace Theater-Post Event

Feb 13 : Fat Tuesday Dinner-Post Event

March 24 : Houdini Museum- Post Event

April 21 : Mud Run X - post event

April : Tech Day

April : Woman's Tech Day

May 19 : Meandering in May

May 19 : SVRA Spring Vintage Festival Road America

June 16 : Holiday Motors

June 21-24 : Door County

June 23-24 : Road America

July 14 : Bergstrom Sponsored Ride

July 21 : Lavender Event

August : Deals Gap

August 11-12 : Chicago Audobaun

August 18 : Club Picnic

September 8 : Fred Mueller Mazda Drive -Wausau Area

September 14-16 : Mississippi River Drive

September 29-30: Chicago Audobaun

October 6 :Driftless Ride

October 20 : Fall Color Ride

Nov 3 : Annual Planning Meeting

Other Special Events
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Here's where you will find information on Autocross, The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Road Rallies, High Speed Performance Events, etc.!

April 29th: Mifflin Memorial Rallye
May 5th: Badger Burrow Rallye
June 3-9: Blue Ridge and Skyline Drive
June 6-10: Zoomin The Mountains, Tennessee.
June 9th & 10th: Roads Scholar National Course Rally and Divisional Road Rally
July 14th: After the Foxconn
September 20-23: Hot Lava Ride; Hood River, Oregon.
October: Kettle Moraine Colors
December: The Blacke
October, 2019; Green Miatas in the Green Mountains

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Miata Club CB Radio Info

by Jim Hotz

While on the Mud Run last month, many people asked me about my radio set up. While I do not profess to be an expert in the subject, I have stayed at a Holiday Inn and feel free to impart the little that I know.

The first question that comes up, for those who have never been on a ride before, is "Do I really need one?". The answer is no, you can get by without one but you're missing out on a lot of the ride's ambiance. There is usually bantering going back and forth along with information about what is ahead in the road. As the driver I can tell you that it is nice to know when there is oncoming traffic around the bend, gravel in the upcoming turn, a pedestrian or dog in the road and the like. It reduces some of the surprises and diminishes some of the wife's shrieking. There is always the route information, such as turns coming up and hidden stop signs over a hill. The lead car uses the CB to stay in touch with the sweep (last car) and the sweep lets the lead car know when it has made a turn allowing the lead car to estimate how long the line of cars is getting and make corrections for speed.

The second question that I hear most often is "What kind of CB should I get?". Believe me when I say this is like asking what's the best car to buy. (Well, OK we know it's a Miata but go with me on this.) There are hand-held models all the way up to trucker's do it all models. I would suggest, regardless of the size you buy make sure it has a few of the necessities. You'll want a volume control and a squelch control at the very least. Squelch will limit the scratchy background noise but also reduces reception. The next step up would be the addition of an ANL (anti-noise limiter) switch and/or a RF gain dial. (RF gain is another noise limiter which reduces noise in the receiver without reducing reception power as a CB radio squelch.) From then on it depends on how much you want to spend and how big a unit you think you need. All CB's are limited to power so there are not more powerful units, the maximum power levels for CB operation depends on the type of signal you are transmitting. AM signals are allowed a maximum of four watts. SSB mode is allowed up to 12 watts Peak Envelope Power (PEP).

In my humble opinion I wouldn't spend much more than $50 to $60 on the radio but look for a good antenna. The bigger the better. It should be tuned to your radio output using a SWL meter for maximum reception and output. (Your sales retailer should be able to help you with this or ask around the club, a lot of us have one.) Some members have put "splitters" on their Miata's antenna and switch over when using the CB. They really can't be tuned and therefore limit range.

My set up is a Uniden "Pro 510XL" unit with a K40 trunk lip mount antenna. That's right, I paid more for the antenna than the radio. But then again, we usually can be heard all the way down the line.

So, it really comes down to do you want a hand-held with a built-in antenna or a mounted unit with an external antenna. If you go to the mounted versions then do you want an internal trunk mounted, with the controls in the microphone or a traditional unit. For those in SE Wisconsin, I'd strongly recommend Konnections Electronics, on HWY F just south of I-94. It's a one man shop but he is most helpful. The shop's around the back and the lower level of his house. Other than that there are truck stops, big box stores, and of course that new fangled world wide web thing.

Just a final warning, if you have a long-range unit, you often may be asked to be sweep.

SVRA Spring Vintage Festival And Track Tour, Road America

Come join us as we wander through the pits and watch some of the coolest vintage race cars around doing their thing on the 4.04 mile 14 turn road course, and as a added bonus we will be doing a pace car lead track tour during the lunch hour. See the calender of events for more information.

Meandering in May Ride

W We'll be meeting at the Kwik Trip in Cross Plains Saturday morning at 10:00 AM and leaving around 10:30, heading south and west towards Dodgeville. After lunch at Culver's we will continue our drive ending at Coaches Club for dinner. See Calender of Events for complete information and to sign up.

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