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BMC 2020 Events
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January 25 : Sugar River Pizza - SW Region - Verona.

February 25 : Fat Tuesday Dinner - Post Event. - SE Region

April 4 : CB radio tuning, GPS programming and dent repair and detailing - Cancelled

April 4 : Ladies Day - Cancelled

April 25 : Mud Run - Cancelled

May 16 : Spring Vintage Racing - Road America. - Cancelled

June 13 : La Crosse Drive - post event.

June 13 : Holiday Mazda Drive. - Cancelled

June 30 : Movie Night at Mutli-Fab - Post Event Article

July 11 : Winding Tour III. - Post Event

July 25 : BMC Non-Picinic - post event

July 26 : Door County Ride. - Cancelled

August 1 : IMSA - Road America-Cancelled

August 15 : Holy Hill Ride - Cancelled

August 19 : Movie Night at Mutli-Fab

September 10 : Door County Friday - Door County Saturday - Post Event.

September 26 : Lookin' for Colors - post event

September 25-27 : Mississippi Drive. Cancelled

October 10 & 17 : Wild Cat Mountain Overture - post event

November 7 : Annual meeting - 2PM Virtual

November 21 : Holiday Party and Holiday Dinner/Show at Fireside Theater. Cancelled

Other Special Events
Updated May 6, 2019

Here's where you will find information on Autocross, The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Road Rallies, High Speed Performance Events, etc.!

Route 66 Trips

October 8-11, 2020: Surf 'N' Safari Regional Event in San Diego,

October 24, 2020: Kettle Moraine Colors Rallye

since 2-14-2006

November Planning Meeting 2020

   Due to the covid-19 pandemic many of our 2020 driving events have been cancelled. With this in mind your board of officers have decided to hold our planning meeting via zoom to keep members safe. We (The Board) are asking members who have ideas for events to please send their ideas to me or one of the vice-presidents so we can organize a listing of events for 2021. In the case of a conflicting date members will be contacted to help resolve the issue. Also the board will be meeting on Monday October 19th so please contact any board member prior to date with anything you would like to see addressed.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

Don Gervais

Ride with GPS

Badgerland Miata Club has purchased a group membership for use of the Ride with GPS program. This program can be used by any club member and does not have to be used for only club events. Because it is for members only, access to the programs instructions can be found only in the Members Section of our web site. If you have any questions about using the program you can contact any of the club officers.

Badgerland Club Secretary Needed

The Badgerland Miata Club is looking for a volunteer to fill the position of Recording Secretary for 2021. Paul F. our current secretary will be stepping down at the end of this year. Please contact me at so we can fill this position.

Don Gervais

Thank You for your years of dedication to the Badgerland Miata Club.

Wildcat Mountain Drive
By Mary Lynn Cinealis

On a glorious autumn morning 10 Miata's gathered to take on the winding county roads of the Wild Cat mountain and Wisconsin Dells region. Our leaders for the day were Laura and Henry Netzinger. It was a top down ride all the way. The colorful scenery was even more spectacular when upon cresting a hilltop nature offered up a limitless panoramic view of the valleys below. We stopped for lunch at Riversbend in Ontario which just happened to have BBQ ribs on the menu for the day. A few of us treated ourselves to a half rack of lip-smacking goodness. Ontario is a cute little town, the group split into two groups so as not to overwhelm one restaurant. We enjoyed ours with Patti and John and brand new members Marty and Laura who were thoroughly enjoying the day. After lunch it was time to meander down the country lanes enjoying the Halloween decorations and the multitude of Amish farmsteads. I was not aware of the large Amish population in this part of the state. As time went on, we all became thirsty so it was time to stop for a "quick" one. We stopped at a local micro-brewery Hillsboro. It seemed like once we all got our beers Henry said it was time to go, so we all chugged our beers and moved on.

For the complete write up see the post event article under Calendar of Events

Moss Miata Photo Contest

Time to get into your roadsters and take that much needed long drive. Check out the beautiful fall leaves, the changing fields, the pumpkin patches and the haunted hayrides before we march right into the holiday season! And while you are at it, click a picture and share with us! IT'S FALL YA'LL! #mossphotocontest #mossmiata


3 Simple Rules to Follow. Your Photo should:

Fall in the "fall/halloween theme"
Have high quality/resolution
Be tagged using #mossphotocontest

See web sight for entry information

BMC Membership dues

   At the membership meeting in November the annual dues were reduced from $30 to $25. Please keep that in mind when renewing your membership so the treasure does not have to return the excess payment.

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Photos: Henry Netzinger, Laura Netzinger, Cheri Staub, Pat Kobus
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Don Gervais
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