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BMC 2018 Events
(click on links, below, for event information & registration)

(click on links, below, for event information & registration)

Jan 13 : Palace Theater, Dells weekend

Feb 13 : Fat Tuesday Dinner

March : Houdini Museum, Appleton Weekend

April 21 : Mud Run X

April : Great TV Auction?

April : Tech Day

April : Woman's Tech Day

May 19 : Dane, Iowa county Ride

May 19 : Road America

June 16 : Holiday Motors

June 22-24 : Door County

June 23-24 : Road America

July 14 : Bergstrom Mazda Ride

July 21 : Lavender Event

August : Deals Gap

August 11-12 : Chicago Audobaun

August 18 : Club Picnic

September 14-16 : Mississippi River Drive

October 6 : Driftless Ride

October 20 : Fall Color Ride

Nov 3 : Annual Planning Meeting

Other Special Events*
Updated November 9, 2017

Here's where you will find information on Autocross, The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Road Rallies, High Speed Performance Events, etc.!

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President's December Message

Hi All.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and any other happy and or merry that may be celebrated this time of the year.

First of all I would like to recognize and thank Tom Cinealis for his many outstanding years of service to the Badgerland Miata Club. A big thanks goes out to Jim Loeffler for stepping into the V.P.-S.E. I left vacant and to all the other officers and staff who have remained on board for another year.

Craig Hodne V.P.-N
Henry Netzinger V.P.-S.W. With help from Laura.
Paul Fredericks Secretary also with help from Laura H.
Jim Hotz Treasurer
Ron Staub Webmaster
Jane Schwartz Newsletter Editor
Our Historian Mary Lynn Cinealis
our Tech Advisor and Miata Guru David Weishoff

Last but not least, all of you who planned and hosted events in 2016. I know how much work goes into the planning and hosting of an event. We would not be the club we are without all your input and help.

Personally I was first exposed to the Badgerland Miata Club and its members almost 17 years ago. Since then some members have moved from the area and are no longer part of our group. However, these people and current members have shaped for me what this club is all about. Over the years I have attended driving and non-driving events that are too numerous to mention except to say they were all fun. Looking at the schedule generated from the planning meeting it looks like 2018 will be another great year. So jump in and join us. We have events planned from dinner theater, cruising for new ice cream stops, going to watch sports car racing, and multi-day road trips. There is something for everyone.

Don Gervais President

Wisconsin Dells Dinner Show

January 13, 2108

The show is The Marvelous Wonderettes. This smash off-Broadway hit takes you to the 1958 Springfield High School prom where we meet four girls with hopes and dreams as big as their crinoline skirts! As we learn about their lives and loves, the girls serenade us with classic 50's and 60's hits including "lollipop", "Dream lover", "Stupid Cupid" and "Lipstick on Your Collar". Featuring over 30 classic 50's and 60's Hits. The Marvelous Wonderettes will keep you smiling in this musical trip down memory lane!
Click here for more information.

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Officers for 2018:

Don Gervais
VPSE: Jim Loeffler
VPSW: Henry Netzinger
VPN: Craig Hodne
Secretary: Paul Frederichs
Treasurer: Jim Hotz
Newsletter Editor: Jane Schwartz
Webmaster: Ron Staub

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Thank you for your help. Jim

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