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Jan 13 : Palace Theater-Post Event

Feb 13 : Fat Tuesday Dinner-Post Event

March 24 : Houdini Museum- Post Event

April 21 : Mud Run X - post event

May 19 : Meandering in May-post event

May 19 : SVRA Spring Vintage Festival Road America-post event

June 16 : Holiday Motors

June 21-24 : Door County

June 23-24 : Road America

July 14 : Bergstrom Sponsored Ride

July 21 : Lavender and Midwest Microcar Museum Event

August : Deals Gap

August 11-12 : Chicago Audobaun

August 18 : Club Picnic

September 8 : Fred Mueller Mazda Drive -Wausau Area

September 14-16 : Mississippi River Drive

September 29-30: Chicago Audobaun

October 6 :Driftless Ride

October 20 : Fall Color Ride

Nov 3 : Annual Planning Meeting

January 27, 2019 : Highwaymen tribute band

Other Special Events
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April 29th: Mifflin Memorial Rallye
May 5th: Badger Burrow Rallye
June 3-9: Blue Ridge and Skyline Drive
June 6-10: Zoomin The Mountains, Tennessee.
June 9th & 10th: Roads Scholar National Course Rally and Divisional Road Rally
July 14th: After the Foxconn
September 20-23: Hot Lava Ride; Hood River, Oregon.
October: Kettle Moraine Colors
December: The Blacke
October, 2019; Green Miatas in the Green Mountains

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Sports Car Vintage Racing Association Spring Vintage Festival

by Don Gervais

We started our journey to the racetrack gathering for breakfast in Allenton. When leaving after a hardy breakfast we noticed that some bird had taken a dislike or was possibly marking Keith's red Miata. I guess we will never know as the offending critter had left the scene of the crime. After a good laugh and a cleanup our journey continued. When we arrived at the track we got our touring pass and parked our cars in the touring paddock where we met up with other BMC members and Miata owners. Introductions were given all around in between the Grand Am cars screaming past us on their way to turn 1. It was at this point that I was handing out the much welcomed earplugs. We then took the tunnel to the main paddock area where we could get some coffee, look at the sky and hope it wouldn't rain (it didn't). It was now time to tour the paddock area where we could look at and talk to the drivers of all the different vintage sports cars. There was the "Heritage Race" 90-93 1.6 spec Miatas where I had a long conversation with a couple of the drivers. I then caught up with my Miata cohorts who were fondly looking at a pristine example of a 1969 "El Camino SS". Wandering the paddock area we saw examples of Lotus, Lolas, Alpha Romeos, Aston Martins, Mercedes, Volvos, Audis, Morgans, Triumphs, MGs, Shelbys, Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Austin Healys, Jaguars, Porsches, Miatas and on and on. We saw examples of both race and street cars. My friend Carl who is not a Miata driver said (yes I have a non-Miata friend) "this is better than most car shows."

During the lunch break we drove a 5-lap tour of the racetrack. Although it is always fun to take a cruise of this great facility it was momentous for my rider as he had never been on the track and now has a better understanding of what the drivers of the race cars see, just not as fast. We did hit the triple digits heading toward turn 5 on one lap. Then it was time to park the cars, eat lunch and settle in for an afternoon of great racing. We watched the various GT classes, the feature Grand Am race, more spec sports car class racing, and last but not least the Spec Miata Heritage Race. It was now time to head home with discussions of the upcoming Mazda Fest and track days. Hope to see you all at the Holiday Mazda Ride on June 16, 2018.

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Holiday Motor Drive with Rx Club

Come join us on Saturday June 16, 2018 for the annual Fathers Day weekend Holiday Mazda Drive based out of Holiday Mazda in Fond du Lac, WI. See the calender of events for more information.

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