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BMC 2021 Events
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January 23 : Sugar River Pizza - Post Event

April 17 : Tech Day and Ladies Day - Post Event

May 1 : Mud Run XII - Post Event

May 15 : SVRA Vintage Racing Festival/Breakfast - Road America

June 12 : Holiday Mazda Drive

June 26 : P-ing across Wisconsin Drive Post Event

July 10 : Winding Tour IV - Post Event

August 7 : IMSA Mazda Fest - Post Event

August 14 : Rustics Revisited Drive - Post Event

August 28 : B.A.C.K. Drive - Post Event

September 18 : Driving for Apples -Post Event

September 28 : Wisconsin Waterfall tour

October 9 : Fall Color Tour

October ? - Poker Run - cancelled

October 23 : Holy Hill Drive

November 6 : Annual meeting

Other Special Events
Updated Auguat 30, 2021

Here's where you will find information on Autocross, The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Road Rallies, High Speed Performance Events, etc.!

since 2-14-2006

New Badgerland North VP

   Welcome Doug Meintzer who has accepted the position of vice president - north of the Badgerland Miata Club. You will be able contact Doug at vp-n@badgerlandmiataclub.com (in the process of being set up) or meintz@yahoo.com
Thank you you your service.

Driving For Apples - Post Event

by Laura Netzinger

   On a gorgeous blue skyed day, we (22 cars) gathered together at the Citgo MacDonald’s in Kewaskum, Wi around 11:30. We also saw many bikers at this point. After a short driver meeting, we started our cruise through twisty road of the Northern Kettle Moraine Forest. An “Al Capone” car was sighted on the beginning of our travels along with some totem poles. We drove under canopied fantastic Miata roads and tight corners as we wound our way to Dundee for our traditional ice stop. The cones were triple scope of some really good ice cream. Right before we got to Dundee, there was a beautiful lake, called Long Lake which was very appropriately named as it was long for a lake. Then, we journeyed on more fabulous roads to the Little Famer where there were a variety of apples to choose from. Unfortunately, there was no apple bakery left. We perused the craft and product tents to see what else they had. I did observe many bags of apples departing with the Miata members. I wonder what delightful treats will be made with all those apples?? Around 4:15 we then traveled about a mile down the way to the Lake Winnebago Beach Club where Kristine had prepared the burgers, brats, chips, water, etc. for a relaxing picnic right by the lake. A great way to enjoy the outdoors on a great day.

Thanks Don and Kristine
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October 9 Fall Color Tour

   Come join us for a colorful cruise through the twisty roads of western Wisconsin. The ride will take us to the Rockton Inn for a grilled chicken lunch. More details will be available later.
See BMC 2021 Events for information on how to sign up.

FM versus CB Radios

Several members have switched to FM radios instead of CB radios. Many of the national Miata clubs also seem be switching to FM. The BMC board is considering purchasing three FM radios to be used on official BMC rides. This will be discussed and voted on at the next annual membership meeting. The advantages of FM radio are supposed to be better sound quality and greateer distance. The advantage of CB radios is that most of the club that have radios have CB radios. CB and FM radios cannot comunicate with each other. The Badgerland Miata Club can not tell you which type of radio you should buy, but it would be nice if the members would agree, going forward, that we as a club would recommend one or the other to new members wishing to purchase a radio.

The differences between CB and FM radios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaHuC3bvCdw CB Radios https://www.thedrive.com/reviews/27906/best-cb-radios

Two Way Radio PRS (Personal Radio Service)
Service Type Type Band Power FCC Lic. Reqd. # of Channels Fcc Reg. Band Width
GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) FM UHF 50 W Yes (fee) 22 95A 25KHz
FRS (Family Radio Service) FM UHF .5 W No 14 95B 12.5 KHz
MURS ( Multi Use Radio Service ) FM VHF 2w No 5 95J 11.5/20 KHz
CB ( Citizens Band Radio ) AM/SSB HF 4 or 12w No 40 95D 63 KHz

If you like techinical information on different radios there are two web sights you can visit.

Survey - FM versus CB Radios
We are asking for members' feedback on (1) Whether they have a CB or an FM radio for BMC Rides, and (2) If they prefer the club to use FM, CB or both.

Please post your response to lnetzinger@yahoo.com regarding your thoughts on CB and FM radio as stated above.
Thank you
Secretary Laura N.

Badgerland Miata Club Tech Advisors

Dave W. has asked to be removed from the club as a Tech Advisor. Terry L. and Craig H. have agreed to be added as club Tech Advisors. The Tech Advisors have been under utilized in recent years, in fact many members don't even know of their existance along with the large library of Miata information. In order to try and improve this we have increased the visibility of the Tech Advisor link located on the right hand column of our web page. Take a look when you get a chance, you may find some very interesting information. The club would also like to thank Terry and Craig for taking on this responsibilty.

Badgerland Miata Club Board Meetings

We are holding BMC board meetings on Zoom. If any member would like to attend a board meeting contact Marcy Hotz at infotech@badgerlandmiataclub.com Non board members can not vote but everyone is invited to participate in the discussion.

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Officers for 2021:

Don Gervais
VPSE: Jim Loeffler
VPSW: Henry Netzinger
VPN: Doug Meintzer
Secretary: Laura Netzinger
Treasurer: Jim Hotz
Webmaster: Ron Staub
Facebook Admin: Marcy Hotz

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Thank you for your help. Jim

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