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BMC 2020 Events
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January 25 : Sugar River Pizza - SW Region - Verona.

February 25 : Fat Tuesday Dinner - Post Event. - SE Region

April 4 : CB radio tuning, GPS programming and dent repair and detailing - Cancelled

April 4 : Ladies Day - Cancelled

April 25 : Mud Run - Cancelled

May 16 : Spring Vintage Racing - Road America. - Cancelled

June 13 : La Crosse Drive - post event.

June 13 : Holiday Mazda Drive. - Cancelled

June 30 : Movie Night at Mutli-Fab - Post Event Article

July 11 : Winding Tour III. - Post Event

July 25 : BMC Non-Picinic - post event

July 26 : Door County Ride. - Cancelled

August 1 : IMSA - Road America-Cancelled

August 15 : Holy Hill Ride - Cancelled

August 19 : Movie Night at Mutli-Fab

September 10 : Door County Friday - Door County Saturday - Post Event.

September 26 : Lookin' for Colors

September 25-27 : Mississippi Drive. Cancelled

October 10 & 17 : Wild Cat Mountain Overture.

November 7 : Annual meeting.

November 21 : Holiday Party and Holiday Dinner/Show at Fireside Theater. Cancelled

Other Special Events
Updated May 6, 2019

Here's where you will find information on Autocross, The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Road Rallies, High Speed Performance Events, etc.!

Route 66 Trips

August 8,2020 : Badger Borrow Rallye

August 13-16, 2020 : Canada's Capital Miata Meet-2020

September 24-27, 2020: Buggies and Bridges III, Miatas return to Amish country!

September 24-27, 2020: Miatas in Margaritaville. Event will be in Ozarks sponsored by the Gateway & Mid-MO Miata Clubs

October 8-11, 2020: Surf 'N' Safari Regional Event in San Diego,

since 2-14-2006

Lookin' for Color

   Henry and Laura have added a ride on September 26. For information on the ride and how to sign up see BMC 2020 Events.

Door County Picture Challenge

     Our day started out with Rain so we were ready to start out with a bang! Everyone paired up with their spouse except Mary Lynn Cinealis and myself, Lin Carlson! We two always come in laughing and smiling no matter where we end up.
    We started out in Ephraim where our hotel was, and tripped all over the whole island to look for the pictures of the items that Jane, Dennis, Ginger and Brian set up for the challenge. We all went at the same time to different parts of the island. We laughed because we thought we might have it easy but noooo we didn't! Of course, I look at the gas gauge and I am on empty, light goes on and we are in the middle of nowhere. I was lucky enough to hit the gas station in time! We went here there & everywhere. We found all the items but 4. They moved the shimmering tree from where I had remembered it so we never found it! So, we just went back to the hotel for a little sustenance and relaxation to watch everyone come in. A few were in when we got there but the rest were coming in slowly!
    We all had a wonderful time relaxed and went to dinner at The Log Den. Food was wonderful, Prizes were great, and company was so much fun! Got to see friends we haven't seen in a while and we did nothing but laugh! This was such a wonderful time to finally get away since everything that was planned was cancelled because of Covid! We are all looking forward to another excursion in door County in two years… wink, wink Jane & Dennis, Ginger & Brian!!!!!

Wild Cat Mountain Overture

   The Chili run is being replaced by the "Wild Cat Mountain Overture". Because of limited seating at the stops the same ride will be done on two different dates, October 10 and 17. Each ride will be limited to 10 cars (20 people). For more information on the ride see BMC 2020 Events.

Annual Meeting
November 7

    The BMC Board is very concerned about trying to have a large group of people in a small room for our annual meeting in November. We are proposing replacing the annual meeting with a board meeting only, to be done on Zoom.
     Sometime in early to mid-October we will send a mass email out asking for proposed rides, requests for any volunteers for the board, and any new items members want to add to the agenda. Any requested club changes along with election of officers will be sent to all members for a vote. When the board receives event ideas, we will organize them, contacting members if there is a conflict with the date then publish the final list.
     We look forward to seeing all our members together again once life returns to normal, please be safe.

BMC Membership dues

   At the membership meeting in November the annual dues were reduced from $30 to $25. Please keep that in mind when renewing your membership so the treasure does not have to return the excess payment.

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