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Novenber 18 2023 : Palace Theater Christmas Show

January 17 : Sugar River Pizza.

February 13 : Fat Tuesday Dinner?

March : Fiddler on the Roof - Fireside (Date to be determined).

April 27 : Tech Day/Mud Run.

May 16-20 : Miataland in Italy. Two spots are open.

May 18 : SVRA Spring Vintage Race and Cookout.

June 1 : Puddle Dock.

June 22 : Holiday Mazda Drive.

July 20 : Revisiting Bill Drive.

July 31 : Old TIKI Drive.

August 3 : IMSA/MX5 Cup - Road America.

August 10 : Responde de Quaestione #1.

September 4 : Critter Cruise.

September 28 : Drive in Movie Night Jefferson Wisconsin.

October 5 : SCCA National Championship Runoff at Road America

October 10-11 : House on the Rock.

October 19 : Holy Hill/North Kettle Moraine.

November 9 : Annual Meeting at Holiday Motors - Fond du Lac.

Other Special Events
Updated April 28, 2023

Here's where you will find information on Autocross, The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Road Rallies, High Speed Performance Events, etc.!

Touring Italy in Miatas

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since 11-3-2023

Letter from New BMC President

If you weren't at the recent BMC Annual Meeting, you may not know that Don Gervais has stepped down as President of the club and I was elected as new the President. Don has done a great job over the last six years, and I will do my best to carry on his fine example. I am an "old retired guy" but Jan and I are relatively new to the club. We joined very shortly after I purchased Melissa, our 2002 NB SE in 2018. (Jan gave her that name as a tribute to the Allman Bros. classic song, "Sweet Melissa") Over the past six years we have gotten to know many, but I'm sure not most of you. We will try to remedy that. We have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Club events in which we have participated, and we have especially enjoyed socializing with you members.

I thought it would be a good idea to outline some things that I plan to work on in the coming year. As Henry Netzinger always says, "we need more events." I agree. More rides would be great, but a successful event can be anything. Do you have something in your area that you think some members would enjoy? Submit it as an event. We have long cold winters in WI, and many of us have our Miata(s) tucked safely away. But we can still venture out for some social time with other members. I know of a country bar in S WI that serves the best hamburgers I have ever tasted. I plan to invite you to join me there to see if you agree.

I am a racing, motorsports, and car show enthusiast. I'm not an active participant in competitions like Don, I'm just an interested spectator. I know some of you share this interest. We are blessed to have a truly world class road racing facility right here in WI in Road America. If you have even the slightest interest in sports car racing and its history you owe it to yourself to visit Road America and beautiful Elkhart Lake, and Don Gervais's event on May 18th would be the perfect time to do it.

Aside from Road America there are numerous events of various kinds throughout the summer. What if we display our Miatas at a local car show? There is a great one every Wednesday evening in Waukesha at Fox View Lanes with food, beverages and a band. I happened to run into Bob Borkowski at one of these last summer. I'll work on a date for this. If there is some event in your area that you think would be fun, let's put it on the calendar.

Our club's and the Mazda Miata's 35th Anniversary are coming up in 2025. For the 25th the club had a multi-day event, and we are planning to do this again next year. I wasn't a BMC member then so I will defer to those who were to plan this event. Thanks goes to Tim Deadrick who offered to head up the planning committee for this. Tim has some great ideas and I'm sure he will do a fine job. I would urge anyone who is interested to contact Tim at

Thank you for your patience if you have made it this far. I want to close with these thoughts. This is your club. If you have an idea for an event or how we might do things better, get it to a Board member. This club is about enjoying the company of people who share a common interest in our cars and all that our beautiful state has to offer. More ideas can only help. I look forward to seeing you at the next event.

Bill Bright

Palace Theater Christmas Show-Post Event
by Pat Kobus

Why is it that every time we participate in a Miata drive or event, we are so happy? It could just be that the people, places and activities are very special. Certainly, Sat. Nov. 18, 2023, marked a day that went from from special to spectacular. We met in the former Palace Theater's lobby bar to group up and have a drink before the show. Then after a picture with jolly Santa, we were ushered to our dining tables for a delicious holiday dinner of ham, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and fluffy rolls. Of course, that was followed by a giant brownie or pumpkin pie with mugs of very tasty coffee.

No sooner had we finished eating than the lights dimmed and a laser light show ensued. Then music, grand and lively, with beautifully costumed holiday choruses and solos, an ice skater amidst many dancers, an acrobat entwined in ribbons and suspended twirling high above the stage. Some comedy, some drama, toy soldiers marching with rifles, elves running amok, a fairy princess beautifully gowned at least thirty feet tall, all magnificent. Colors, scenes, sounds, and snow to dazzle the eyes and ears. Santa reading letters from good boys and girls, some funny, some wistful. And then, the most beautiful live nativity scene ever with a raised stable, the fervent visitors, magi and shepherds, a real sheep and a beautiful, serene camel ... and then a marvelously perfect angel flew above us toward the stable and hovered while holy songs surrounded us all. This was indeed awe inspiring and moving for both children and adults alike.

After this unforgettable extravaganza, we met again in the lobby and caravaned to the Tamarack condos where Kobuses were staying for a few nights. There, over many more good things to eat and drink, we discussed and marveled at the professional quality of the show that surpassed our expectations. We enjoyed our chat time, reminisced about the good old days and shared plans for Thanksgiving. Santa came early, leaving us gift bags with, among other goodies, beautiful wooden Christmas trees hand made exquisitely by Elf, First Class, Henry Netzinger. These will be cherished reminders of this wonderful holiday gathering with Miata buddies in Wisconsin Dells.

Many thanks to Henry and Laura Netzinger and Bill and Carol Johns for giving us a truly memorable holiday celebration.

Fall Color Tour
by Patty Kobus

Talk about a blustery day! When the alarm rattled at 7:00, all I could think was, "Am I nuts to leave a warm bed and venture out for a two hour rainy ride on I 94 to Baraboo?" But then: friends, a creative drive, new vistas..Miata joy, motivated. And joyful it was to see our crew, one by one, enter the Ski Hi Fruit store north Baraboo, with wet parkas and wide smiles. We shopped and gabbed and packed our car trunks with apples, cheese curds, cider, donuts and more. Hank gave the rundown of the drive to come while Laura passed out lunch vouchers and had us sign in as we stayed dry in the spacious Fruit barn-store. By 11:00, the fresh country air was dry and crisp as we embarked on leg 1, a beautiful series of curved roads, hidden vales, and valleys that tumbled one into another. Magical. Colors were mixed, strong in spots and stretches, most spectacular when the sun peaked out and the sky turned powder blue with white fluffy clouds. Up some steep hills and gliding down again brought happiness and awareness that this is a special time with wonderful friends who share the love of adventure and the discovery of seldom seen vistas. We were so lucky to be here. One of my favorite roads, Hoot Owl, took me back to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow where I could picture Ichabod Crane trying to outrun the Headless Horseman, how eerily delightful! Before long, we were at Hillsboro Brewery for a tasty though lengthy lunch due to order scrambles. Laura had prearranged for our order picks, but the restaurant still had confusions during the serving. Nonetheless, all got "fed and watered", tee, hee, in due time, so we were ready for leg 2 in good shape. By 1:40 we were revving up again and onto Hwy. 33.

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