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June , 2022

Pooping in Illinois

Hosts: Tom Cinealis

Update #1 (June 6, 2021))

Pooping in Illinois; an oncore to P-ing in Wisconsin or, How to do #2 in someone else's backyard and not offend anyone

Date to be determined.

Here's the do-do so far! So, although P-ing in Wisconsin was to some, our number 1 ride, it's time we do #2. There is still a lot of crap to figure out, but we have determined at this point that it will be 2 nights on the road, (in the same hotel). Rather than P-ing towards Wisconsins' western edge, we will be aiming our stream of cars toward Savanna IL where we can drop a load of luggage and explore the northwestern part of their state. There will be a pit stop at Poopy's Pub N' Grub, and we'll find some curvy roads despite the fact we will be in Illinois. There will also be a side trip to Galena. The number of cars will be limited and there is no sign up list at this time. Stay tuned, Tom and Mary Lynn

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