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July 25, 2020

BMC Picnic

Hosts: James Loeffler & Karen Hart

Update #2 (July 19, 2020))

We wanted to host a picnic but hadnít planned on a pandemic.

Weíve struggled to envision a picnic with drinks from a shared cooler and dishes to pass.

So we still invite you to join us in an afternoon drive starting at one. Please either eat lunch before you arrive or bring some carry out to enjoy at our house before hand. We will have places to sit and eat and youíre welcome to socialize and enjoy our garden any time after 11.
The drive will have an ice cream restroom stop by a park. It will be in Waukesha and Walworth counties.

Our address is 2613 S. Brookland rd New Berlin. Thatís approximately 2 and 1/2 miles South of the I-94 Moorland exit. Youíll pass a Burger King and Kwik Trip on Moorland if thatís of interest. There is a Wendyís on North East corner of Moorland and Cleveland ave. Brookland Rd is 1/2 mile east on Cleveland ave. The nearest restaurant is

They have carry out.

This ride will be limited to 16 cars.

Registration: Sign up at or call or text 414-339-8643.

Attendance List: (July 22, 2020)
  1. Jim L & Karen H
  2. Ron & Cheri S
  3. Henry & Laura N
  4. Bill & Carol J
  5. Don & Linda M
  6. Don G
  7. Stan K
  8. Ed & Barb T
  9. Greg & Cindy G
  10. Pat & Al K
  11. Ron & Lin C
  12. Jan & Bill B
  13. Mary Lynn & Tom C
  14. Randy & Victoria Y
  15. Jim & Colleen D

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