April 7, 2019

Spring Scamper Regional Touring Car Rally

I wanted to let you know that in just 10 weeks the Milwaukee Region of Sports Car Club of America will be celebrating spring with our Spring Scamper Regional Touring Car Rally. On Sunday, April 7th we'll get together in Madison, WI and enjoy a 4 hour, 100 mile Touring (no traps) Rally through the beautiful countryside west of Madison. You and your rally partner will thoroughly enjoy the great roads and marvelous scenery as we bid goodbye to winter. All rally roads are paved. This rally is designed to be enjoyed by contestants with any level of experience from 1st time rallyists to the more experienced competitors.

We will be introducing an exciting new system of checkpoint timing. Contestants will download an app to their smart phone and will run this app during the rally. The app will use the GPS information from your phone to monitor your location and record your arrival time at each checkpoint. As soon as you arrive at a checkpoint, the app will display your arrival time and then will display your leg score to you! No more waiting until after the rally to know how you did. You'll be able to use this real time scoring information to improve your rally driving skills and have the fun of seeing immediately how you're doing. Since all checkpoints will be timed using this app, all contestants will need to bring a smart phone.

This new system allows us to have many more timing checkpoints. In fact, Spring Scamper will have approximately 50 timing checkpoints in the 100 mile rally. Each checkpoint will be identified for you in the Route Instructions, so you'll have lots of fun trying to arrive at each checkpoint at the right time. Since you'll get your score immediately, you can adjust and try to do better at the next one.

You don't need to be concerned about having cell phone service during the rally. Your phone will have all the information it needs when you start and it only needs the GPS signal during the rally.

Registration is now open at MotorsportReg. Here's a link: msreg.com/SpringScamper2019.

The rally starts in Verona (15 miles southwest of Madison) and finishes at the Draft House in Verona. (2 miles from the start)

If you have any questions, please let me know. We hope you'll join us for this exciting rally event.

Best Regards,
Jim Crittenden
Spring Scamper rallymaster

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