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Tuesday, July 18th, 2023 1-8pm 2023

Road America Performance Driving

Host: John Stancel

Update #1 (February 22, 2023)

This event will be for those interested in attending a performance driving school class at the iconic Road America. This will be for their Performance Driving 2 class. Below will be links to take you to the class information, school policy, and registration pages. Please take your time to READ and UNDERSTAND all that the event entails and its requirements before registering for the event as there is a no refund policy with Road America.

This event is limited to the number of spots available in the class so sign up before it fills.
Class Information: Performance Driving 2 - Road America
School Policies: School Policies - Road America
Registration: *Register for the July 18th date* Performance Driving (

Please email John at after you have registered so we can form an attendance list.
Thank you.

Meet up location?
Upon registration you should receive an email with a confirmation and details of the class. A map outlining the entrance and classroom location should be included in this. Always better to arrive a little early than late.

Roll over protection?
Convertibles must have a roll bar which passes the broomstick test or have a hard top in place. Unless the manufacturer’s owner’s manual says your car will support itself by the windshield frame in the event of a roll over.

Track day insurance?
It is not required to have track day insurance to attend, but each person would be responsible for their own if they choose.

Need more information or have questions contact John at 773-433-0030 or

Registration: Contact Ron Staub at

Attendance List: February 22, 2023
  1. Don Gervais
  2. John Stancel

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