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January 22, 2022

BMC SW Region Dinner

Host: Henry and Laura Netzinger

Update # (December 31, 2021)

957 Liberty Drive, Verona, WI 53593
Phone 608-497-1800

Saturday, January 22, 2021 AT Noon (Gather about 11:30)

     This is our third year of having the BMC get together at the Sugar River Pizzeria in Verona. It is a time to meet with BMC friends and an opportunity for new members get to know us better and get any questions about the club answered. A good time for all to visit and have a delightful entre from the menu at Sugar River Pizzeria.

    The club has grown this last couple of years which is a very good thing. Due to limited access at restaurant, etc.; we have had to limit many of our events to a small number of cars, which has left some members unable to attend. This is a topic for discussion and we are looking for suggestions to get more opportunities for more members to be able to participate.

    One solution would be to have more events so more members could participate. The problem with that is we would need more event leaders.

    Which bring brings up another topic to discuss at this event. There will be a review of Event Planning which will be good for anyone old or new who wants to or will be planning an event. Laura is working on a training version of Planning Events that will be able to be downloaded from the website. Each VP will be holding sessions in their area to meet with members and help them get set up with Ride with GPS to use, questions about radios, and Planning an Event. Look for those on the website as to when and where they will be held (most likely mid spring-April).

    We are looking for ideas from the members on how we can have more than 20 cars for events, so bring your suggestions and thoughts along to share.

Looking forward to you all and hoping the weather will cooperate!

Registration: Contact Henry and Laura at or phone at 608-393-0432

Attendance List: (January 18,, 2022)

  1. Henry & Laura Netzinger
  2. Tom & Mary Lynn Cinealis
  3. Bill & Carol J
  4. Terry & Kathy R
  5. Bill & Jan B
  6. Bill & Marcia H
  7. John & Patti R
  8. Ron & Cheri S

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