Jim and Colleen Dungar Holiday Mazda Drive

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June 25, 2022

Holiday Mazda Drive

Host: Holiday Mazda & Don Gervais

Update #2, June 9, 2022

Come and join us at the annual lunch and drive hosted by Holiday Mazda and the Badgerland Miata Club. Meet Mazda driving enthusiast from the Badgerland Miata Club, the RX Club of Wisconsin, The Mazda Community, Wisconsin Miata Enthusiasts, and the MKE Miata group.

We will start gathering at the dealership around 10:00 am with lunch being served at 11:30. This will give everyone plenty of time to check out all the different things people have done to their cars. After a hardy lunch there will be a drivers meeting held at 12:45. We will then line up and head out at 1:00 pm on a cruise of the Northern Kettle Moraine. We will take a break at the Citco/McDonalds in Kewaskum After a 45 minute or so break we will continue cruising the twisties of the Kettle Moraine until we reach our final destination the Woodland Creek Supper Club we have reservations for dinner.


As with anything in life planning is always a real hoot. The Woodland Creek Supper Club is under new ownership and will not be open by the time of the Holiday Mazda Drive. The new owners contacted me and they also own the Twisted Pair in Beachwood about 6 miles from the other place on County A so dinner will now be at the new place. The menu for a group our size will be limited to pizza.

The Twisted Pair
N 1505 W County Rd A
Kewauskum WI 53040

Please contact me if you are planning on attending so we can insure the is enough food to serve everyone lunch.

For those people who do not use "Ride with GPS" you should print the directions. They can be found here.

Registration: Contact Don Gervais at zooomm93@yahoo.com

Attendance List: June 23, 2022

  1. Don Gervais
  2. Kat M
  3. Doug M
  4. Don & Linda M
  5. Richard & Vicki K
  6. Paula & Ron B
  7. Bill & Carol J
  8. Henry & Laura N
  9. Jim & Peg W
  10. Don & Lisa D.
  11. Jim & Karen L/H
  12. Jeff & Lori Weishoff
  13. Greg & Cindy G
  14. Jeff & Kathleen Rasmussen
  15. Jim and Colleen Dungar
  16. Al & Patty Kobus
  17. Tim Deadrick
  18. John Stancel
  19. Mark VandeSlunt
  20. Kevin and Mary Baerwald
  21. Ed & Barbara Treick
  22. Robert Leaverton
  23. Dan and Sue Somsen
  24. Ron & Paula Beckman
  25. Mary Susan & John Cable
  26. Patti & Denny Lock
  27. Tom & Mary Lynn Cinealis
  28. Tim Arquette & Kristine Louden
  29. Ron & Lynn Carlson
  30. Charles Espitia& guest
  31. Mike Krawczyk
  32. Phil Klaesges
  33. Jill Joeckel and guest

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