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Baumgartener's and Brewery
August 27, 2022

Hosts: Jeremy and Cari Zorns

Update #1 (August 20, 2022)

We will be meeting at Baumgartenerís 1023 16th Avenue Monroe, WI 53566 (608-325-6157) Lunch will be from 11-1 as service there is not fast and it is a small place. Plenty of social time! Outdoor seating is very limited so it is best to be there before the 11:00 rush starts! PLEASE bring a lawn chair and we can set up across street in the town hall grounds if we need to.

Drive 1-2:45 A bit more off the cuff tour.

No route sheets will be handed out. FMRS radios will be used, but lead won't dictate every turn - each person in line must check to make sure person behind them is following when you make a turn. We will regroup every once in a while. Route is the back roads west and north of Monroe.

3:00 pm Brewery tour

IF THE FORECAST IS BAD (ie: constant rain), THE EVENT WILL BE CANCELED. If it's scattered showers or better, itís a GO. No rain date has been set up yet.

Registration: To register contact Jeremy Zorns at

Attendance List: August 26, 2022

  1. Jeremy & Cari Zorns
  2. Henry & Laura Netzinger
  3. Greg & Cindy Garnett
  4. Bill and Jan Bright
  5. Dave & George Huntley
  6. Jim Schwanke
  7. Bill & Carol Johns

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