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B.A.C.K. Ride
August 13, 2022

Hosts: Don & Linda McCann

Update #1 (March 12, 2022)

Welcome! We will start the event at Kwik Trip #139 Gas Station just east of I-43 at Exit 120 (Cr-v/Cr-Ok); their address is: 7002 Sauk Trail Rd, Sheboygan, WI 53081. Please gather at 11:30 am, with a drivers meeting at 11:45 am, and departure at 12:00 pm. Also, please eat before you arrive or before the ride begins since we will not be stopping for lunch.

We will start with a 15 minute drive to the John Michael Cole Art Preserve for a 1.25 hour guided tour of the their new 3-story art museum. Photos are allowed so bring your camera. Coffee and drinks are available for purchase.

After the art museum tour we will take a direct drive to Elkhart Lake for ice cream, which is about 20 miles away. No major auto events are planned that weekend at Road America, so we will have the city for ourselves.

Next we start our drive on numerous curvy roads. Please bring a CB or FM radio if you have one. The lead and sweep cars will broadcast on CB radios, and the first card behind the lead car will broadcast on FM to cover all cars with a CB/FM radio. On curvy roads it is very import to watch for the car behind you so they see you making a turn (please used your turn signal). Please avoid excessive caps in car spacing; plan on a 3-car length spacing. At the end of each curvy road section the lead car will stop until the sweep car says it is okay to start again. This way we will not lose any cars that donít have a CB/FM radio.

Our adventure ends at the Woodland Creek Super Club at about 4:30pm for food and good cheer.

This event will be provided on Ride with GPS, and printed instructions will be provided at the drivers meeting.

This event is limited to 25 BMC cars. Please let Don know if you are coming and will stay for dinner at:


Registration: To register contact Don at or 262-384-9007. Also let Don know if you are staying for dinner

Attendance List: August 11, 2022

  1. Don & Linda M       Dinner yes
  2. Kat M      Dinner yes
  3. Henry & Laura N       Dinner yes
  4. Stan & Jan K      Dinner yes
  5. Richard & Vicki H     Dinner yes
  6. Dennis & Lisa D      Dinner yes
  7. Gregory & Cindy G       Dinner yes
  8. Jim & Marcy H       Dinner yes
  9. Melody Reis & John Paul       Dinner yes
  10. Mike and Sandy Stratz       Dinner yes
  11. Jeff & Kathleen Rasmussen       Dinner yes
  12. Jim Schwanke & Guest       Dinner yes
  13. Al & Patty kobus       Dinner yes
  14. Robert Leaverton      Dinner yes
  15. Doug Meintzer & guest       Dinner ?
  16. John and Patti Radke       Dinner yes
  17. Tom & Sandy Blumenberg       Dinner no
  18. Ben & Michelle Peirce       Dinner ?
  19. Jim L & Karen H             Dinner ?
  20. Ron & Cheri S       Dinner yes
  21. Jim & Peg Wurzbach       Dinner yes
  22. Jan & Bill Bright
  23. Bob & Ellen Schermetzler
  24. Mark & Deb VandeSlunt
  25. Michael Schwartz

Waiting List
  1. Dan & Sue Somsen.

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