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Madison to Potosi

July 30, 2016

By Pat Kobus

"Oh, What a Beautiful Day”

So many "oohs" and "aahs" over the gorgeous weather that Mary Lynn Cinealis ordered for our Saturday, July 30th, drive from Madison to Potosi. We 19 car participants, oldies and newbies, and had a wonderful time traversing rolling hills filled with corn so high that Oklahoma would be jealous. We saw an Amish farmer atop his horse-drawn wagon in his field of tobacco, a squashed frog that Tom so expertly dispatched on the road, a scad of bicyclers, brilliant wildflowers and more, all under an umbrella of powder blue skies marbled with wispy white clouds. There were sharp turns, mild turns and "Illinois turns" all along the way and then long stretches of straightaways where we could really "zoom zoom".

The only big boo boo was due to yours truly leaving a newbie behind, but ever-vigilant Tom C. was able to save the day and retrieve the cb-less newcomers and lead us back to the rest of the pack. Our lunch in Potosi along the Great River Road was tasty in The Old Saloon with a huge old time wooden bar and tin-tiled ceilings revealing its true "old-ness". We also enjoyed visiting their shops featuring ice cream, homemade candies, hand crafted furniture (beautiful) and sundries. Later we refueled and had more fun at Culver’s in New Glarus. Lastly, we topped off the day with a delicious dinner at the Draft House Bar & Restaurant in Verona, a short hop from Madison. Our adventure was a happy one, and we thank Tom and Mary Lynn Cinealis and their return route leaders, the intrepid Jim and Joanne Tuckwood, for a great summer drive.

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