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July 15 -17, 2016

Car Craft Summer Nationals

Hosts: Tom C

Update #1 (December 6, 2015)

Car Craft Summer Nationals 2016

You know the magazine - classic cars, a lot of chrome, big engines and big modifications, or maybe that classic all stock look. This is the world of the classic car lover and its coming back to Milwaukee in 2016, and the Badgerland Miata Club has a unique opportunity to be part of this event.

Some of our club members (as individuals), attended the Car Craft Summer Nationals event at the Milwaukee Mile last summer. We volunteered to help them run the autocross portion of their event, and spent time enjoying the cars, and all that goes with them. We also got to drive our own cars on the track.

On July 15th - 17th the Summer Nationals will return, and have been asked if we would like to help out again. This year we can set up as a club on the infield next to the track, showcase our cars and our club, and help out on the autocross course again. Each volunteer would have free access each day they help, (normally a $49 fee) and the club would earn some compensation as well.

So set the date aside for some sun fun and cars.

Registration: Contact me at to get on the list, and of course there will be more info to come.

Tom C.

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