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Date: May 21, 2016

Event: Tech Day Saturday, May 21st Tour

Host: David Weishoff

Update #1 (April 18, 2016)

We will be starting the day out with a tour of the new shop at 10:00am. After the tour we will have a tech session. I have a few ideas for things to cover along with projects. However, for the greater good of all that attend I hope that there will be suggestions and maybe some people that want to actually do something on their Miata. Benefit to all is a full working shop and the tools that go along with it. Anything is welcome as long as it takes less than the time allotted for the day.

We will take a break at 12-1 depending on the schedule. It can last as long as people would like it to. If we run long on the first few subjects it can be moved closer to 1. No hard time for lunch. I would rather have the time spent gaining knowledge and understanding of the Miata. I will be having lunch catered by a local Waunakee restaurant to be determined as of yet.

After lunch we will continue the tech session and hopefully be done around 3-4pm. I can certainly stay longer for those that would like to stick around and maybe finish a project. Think of the day as a learning event and a open shop day.

Please sign up to attend and hopefully all goes well. I hope to do it every year.

To register call Dave
(Cell) 1(608)-213-4920

Attendance (posted May 1, 2016)
  1. Henry N.
  2. Jeff W.
  3. Terry R.
  4. Terry L.
  5. Ron C.
  6. Mike G.

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