Miatas in Italy

Our company www.bluestradatours.com has been doing Miata Driving Tours in Italy since 2019..... albeit 2020 was a complete bust. We had two terrific tours in Fall of 2021. For 2022 we've added some additional dates and simply thought some of your members might like to know about it. The June 18-26 Tour is new and completely open at the moment. Two of the others have some space but not a lot.

We're happy to report that our guests in Sept/Oct were thrilled about the trip and we are committed to the same type of success for 2022. Sharing the info would be appreciated very much. If you think there might be enough from your Club to fill the June 18-26 dates... I would be happy to set them aside for you. (It takes a minimum of 6 couples/solos to reserve a date.)

Hopefully you think this is something your members would appreciate knowing about... and I am available any time for questions. Details are attached.

Thanks for the support.....

Bill Kniegge
Blue Strada Tours / 704 292 8801

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