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October 12, 2013

Chili Run 2013

Hosts: Dave & Lynn Bonfield

with assistance from:
Jim & Joanne Tuckwood
Brian & Ginger Carney


by Toni Thomas

Twenty-one cars left Waunakee under cloudy skies, which soon gave way to glorious sunshine. Sunshine can certainly bring out the best of autumn splendor. A short distance into our adventure, Dave assigned Paula B the task of counting pumpkins. The last tabulation was millions and millions.

We wove our way to our destination, Gays Mills in Crawford County. Waiting for us at the Lion's Club Park Shelter was the Stir and Swat team. The crew of Brian, Ginger, Jim and Joanne had the Bonfield chili hot and bottled water cold. Crew members took turns stirring the chili - once Brian and Jim plugged in the nescos correctly! There was a table of great desserts (Ginger's margarita bars were really delicious; the wasps thought so, too!). Ginger and Joanne, co-captains of the Swat Team, struggled valiantly to keep the yellow jackets away from everything and anything. Terry tried eating one on his apple, but it stung his upper lip. If that wasn't enough, he tired to drink one, too! He good-naturedly took all of our comments about his swollen upper lip in stride.

We were all given maps for possible AppleFest exploring. Cider, apple caramel sundaes, apple pizza, apple strudel, apple pie, caramel apples were just some of the treats awaiting us. It's a good thing Dave didn't assign someone to count apples! For those not wanting to search out the best apple, Dave led a mini-drive in the area.

Soon it was time to assemble by the pretty church and a humongous apple, and began our journey back to Middleton. Great food and fellowship followed at Benvenutos. New members Vance and Karen Y, from Manitowoc, were welcomed. Also welcomed, were Florida guests Mike and MJ S (pretty strange calling them guests, isn't it!!)

Thanks to Dave and Lynn Bonfield for the planning and lunch. And thanks to their team of Jim and Joanne T and Brian and Ginger C. It was a great day and a perfect way to end our driving season!

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