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January 25, 2013

Kickoff / Winter Getaway

Hosts: Dennis & Jane Schmidt


by Ginger Carney

Posted January 29, 2013

Jane and Dennis Schmidt got the Club moving into 2013 with the same kind of creative, fun-filled event we have come to expect from them. Disappointed that the White Rose Inn is no longer in business, Jane found instead a white, green-trimmed complex where we could celebrate: the Wintergreen Resort. The hotel staff was friendly and helpful, enhancing our stay; however, the winding, sometimes confusing maze of hallways made some of us giddy trying to find our way to our rooms -- and that was before any adult beverages!

On Friday night we had dinner at Sprecher's Restaurant where the wait staff playfully sassed back as a couple of us smart-talked them, and where our voices got louder and louder until food was placed in front of us. Afterwards, back at the hotel we gathered in the Rainier Room - our party place for the weekend - with plans to play Rummikub or Sequence or Apples to Apples, but conversation was lively and only a few gathered around one table for only one game.

We took a leisurely walk to Denny's on a crisp, sunny Saturday morning. Afterwards we went our separate ways to languish in the pool, or play at the casino, or take a nap, or visit the shops, or chit-chat, or read. Mary Hodne, RN was a calming presence in the pool/waterpark as she comforted a family whose small daughter had an episode, but otherwise it was an uneventful; leisurely day. (the child is okay)

Our dinner Saturday night in the Ranier Room was followed by the traditional Great Gift Giveaway. The hot item this year was a beautiful scarf crocheted by Julie Gerner. Someone gifted a stuffed chicken, which became enamored of Mooata, and when Mooata mysteriously disappeared towards the end of the night, the chicken became a "Chicken of Interest". The Kick-off Party then became a kick-ass mystery: Who stole Mooata?!?

Magically on Sunday morning, the stuffed cow was returned to her relieved owner, Lin Carlson, along with The Rock! How The Rock and Mooata got together is still anybody's guess, but at least the chicken was absolved. Thanks to Schmidts for giving us the opportunity to be silly together.

Photos by Craig H

Photos by Toni T
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