Saturday - August 25, 2012
Touring the River Roads of (mostly) Waupaca County
Hosts: Craig H.

Photo Gallery by Toni T.


To be sung to the tune of “Over the River and Through the Woods.” Or not. Up to you, really.

Along the rivers on rustic roads,
through Waupaca County we leap.
Craig led the way, so we didn’t stray
and Toni and Jim were the sweep.
Along many rivers on twisty roads
The Badgerland Club did go.
It wasn’t a race, all the cars kept the pace
And nobody went off road, O!

Clintonville, Shiocton, and Big Falls (pop 61!) too,
In Iola gelato is enjoyed by all.
The weather is sunny, CB chatter funny
Cranes in the fields seem ready for fall.

Greg and Carol Bielski arrive for the drive,
It’s their first outing, they aren’t members yet.
BMC members are friendly, event roads are bendy.
By the end of the day, they are writing a check.

Sam Carey’s the guest navigator,
Poor guy does not own a Miata
Our cars impress , where this is going you can guess.
He’s no longer Miataless like he ought ta.

Waupaca’s Wheelhouse ends the day,
With chicken fry and live band, ambiance is lent.
Refreshments rule! We are re-fueled!
Thanks to Craig who took a chance and hosted this event.

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