July 24-Aug 3, 2012
Miatas at the Gap
(National Miata Event)
Hosts: Tom & Mary Lynn, and Tom & Cathie

(Update #2 - Apr 17, 2012)


(Update #1 - Nov 17, 2011)

July 24th Ė August 3rd (?) Miataís at the Gap. Dealís Gap North Carolina is home of the fabulous U.S. Route 129, rated the best sports car and motorcycle road in America (318 curves in 11 miles says it all). The actual regional event is July 27-29th. Cinaelises and Andersons plan a leisurely group drive from Milwaukee to Dealís Gap with overnight stops in Madison, Indiana (antique shopping) and Berea, Kentucky (arts and crafts shopping) and some glorious driving roads between. We plan to return through Nashville to enjoy some country cooking and country music. While details of the trip to and from Dealís Gap are still in progress, those planning to attend the actual regional event (either with our tour group or meet us there) should register for a room for the event period (July 27-29) as soon as possible. Headquarters for the event is Fontana Village Lodge. Cottages and motel rooms are set aside by organizers. When you call, indicate you are attending the Miata event. Phone number is 1-800-849-2258. Website for Fontana Village is www.fontanavillage.com There are other lodging options in the area, but they fill fast. Learn more about the Miatas at the Gap event at www.gapmiatas.com

Attendance List (posted Nov 13, 2011)

1) Tom & Mary Lynn
2) Tom & Cathie