Saturday - June 23, 2012
BMC Picnic
Hosts: Bruce and Julie

Photo Gallery by Duke M. (link courtesy of Mike S.)


By Toni Thomas

AAaaahhh, SUMMER - Relaxing, picnics, and visiting with friends. Add cute little cars with tops down....the BMC Picnic had it all. Members met on June 23rd in Portage at the Collipp-Worden Park by the six-legged water tower. We kicked back, enjoyed burgers, brats, other great food plus a variety of cold beverages. After eating and socializing, Bruce led us through the Wisconsin countryside to MacKenzie Environmental Center. We walked the trail viewing the prairie restoration, arboretum, museum, and wildlife exhibit. (My personal favorite of all the Wisconsin fur and feathered animals was Amelia, the 17 1/2 year old mountain lion.) Dean sprinted up the observation tower only to tell us that we couldn't go all the way to the top. So darn, we guess we won't climb the almost straight up steps.

Then it was a drive back to the park for some more food, liquid and friendly conversation. Dean and Goldie broke out the Frisbees for some "friendly" competition.

Thanks Bruce and was a great day!!

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