Saturday - April 21, 2012
Mud Run 4
Hosts: Dave & Lynn

(Article and Photos posted April 24, 2012)

         MUD RUN 2012,

April 21, 2012
Gary Dawkins
There was no mud in Mudville on the day of the David Bonfield mud extravaganza. We slowly gathered at Don Miller’s dealership where we picked through the BMC merchandise, met some new faces, admired shiny new Miatae, and swapped tales of winter doldrums. Dave called the court to order and, after introductions, outlined the day’s activities. He taught us the 1=5, 2=10 CB shuffle, the dance sensation that is sweeping the nation. He forgot to address “tree bark”, but, hey, you can’t cover everything.

After gorging on sandwiches and cake, we evenly divided the 38 Meeottas into two groups. Dave said we could do it ourselves and it would work, and it did, although no one counted, so there is no proof. My navigator directed me to the first group believing a nasty rumor that it was going to more red cars. We gently nudged into the number 16 spot. Tightly enclosed with our top up, the morning sun warmed our little green Meodda, while others sat top down bundled in wooly clothes braced against the cool mid-day air.

The first 60 miles went like digital clockwork tracing mud-free roads through beautiful Wisconsin farm land and past the serene Hauge Log Church. We harassed a few cow herds and passed a geodesic dome village. After 62.6 miles (plus or minus), we drove into Mt. Horeb for the first break. Like spring sap, the BMC spread over the town in search of country treasures and snacks.

After about forty-five minutes of leg stretching, we budged ourselves into sixth position and off we went. We stopped for photos at Hyde Mill where Dave had arranged a photo session of the scenic mill pond. A bridesmaid wrapped in burgundy sateen was delighted to have us show up. The mill and house were for sale, which was tempting, but we weren’t there long enough to bicker over the price. The day had warmed nicely, so we dropped the top; might as well get started on our tans.

Well, I am not entirely sure of the exact chain of events, but my understanding is that things sort of went like this: A lion, a scarecrow, and a robot were dancing down the road accompanied by a young woman in an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini, which, as one can imagine, caused quite a distraction. The wood was dark and scary, full of tigers, and bears, and, oh my, those intimidating trees throwing apples at our little cars. Well, one of these annoying, ill-behaved trees jumped out in the road and wacked one of the Miatae, a very nice red one, which caused the little car to land in a pile of sticks and leaves in the dark and shadowy wood. Well the whole, entire, total, and complete group came to a stop.

It is not recommended to stand around and gawk, though a few curious folks climbed through the May apples, trillium, and poison ivy snapping photos of the unfortunate vehicle. My navigator stood at the edge of the road and stared at the tangle with such intensity, one would have thought her best pair of shoes had just been discovered with a scuff on the toe. Soon a lumber jack showed up and took the naughty tree away who later received a hefty fine for disorderly conduct.

The club merged the two pods together so there was one pod of thirty-eight, minus one. We stopped briefly in Black Earth at Veterans’ Park to swap stories and opinions of recent events. Trust me, my record of events is the most accurate except for the polka dots; anything else is just political party spin, media hype, and speculation. I observed that the mood had changed from enthusiastic glee to a dirge after the perverse actions of that angry tree. I could tell because my navigator was no longer calling the turns: “left at one point two miles, right at the wye”. There was only the sound of the wind. We were now creeping along third from the rear and slowly continued on to Benvenuto’s where we were revived by Italian noodles, and lively conversation.

Dave kept us informed with phoned-in follow-up reports. All ended well. The red Miata will be hospitalized for repair and recuperation. Donations can be made to the BMC fund for injured Miatae (BMCFFIM). Thanks, Dave and Lynn, for a terrific day, good weather, good fun, a little (too much) excitement, and anyway no one got hurt. Now I am going to wipe down our car.

Jinba Ittai and stay out of the trees.

Post Script: Terry was not injured when he caught some loose gravel and slid off the pavement on Sweeney Road in Iowa County, Terry and wife Kathy arrived late at Benvenuto’s with 15-20 club members still there to wish him well. The beautiful 2006 special edition Miata may need some minor work. Three club members stayed with Terry until the red Miata was loaded on the flat bed wrecker and taken back to Madison. It was reported there were tears in the Miata’s sad little eyes.

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