Saturday - February 25, 2012
Milwaukee Auto Show
Hosts: Tom & Cathie

AUTO (NO) SHOW by Cat Anderson (posted Mar 5, 2012)

Although Dale Mosher was the only participant for the Milwaukee Auto Show event on February 25th, the show still went on with Dale and the Andersons trekking through the 3.5 miles of Frontier Center exhibits. Cat put her butt into just about every red car in the show and Tom and Dale played “can you name the year” of the various vintage cars displayed throughout the show.

The Milwaukee Region Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) turned us on to a very cool opportunity that will be upcoming in October to run our street cars on the Elkhart Lake track at a “spirited pace” (more in a later newsletter), as well as giving us a sneak peek at the newest racing class: B-Spec. If you haven't heard about B-Spec racing yet, you will. Every major racing sanctioning body in the U.S. — SCCA, Grand Am, NASA and World Challenge — will host B-Spec races in 2012. Honda, Mazda, Kia, Fiat and Mini are in. B-Spec is a production-based prep class for subcompact cars. Basically, they're stock B cars, gutted and caged, with similar power and weight and total cost capped at $25,000. For race cars, that’s pretty darn reasonable.

All that beef called for more beef, and after touring the auto show we went to Lulu Café on Milwaukee’s Southside for the best hamburgers in the city before heading home.

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