Saturday - January 21, 2012
BMC 2012 Kickoff Party
Hosts: Jim & Marcy

(Article by Gail Grigg posted Feb 16, 2012)

The 2012 Kickoff Party became a winter wonderland, complete with icy blue, silver and white snowflakes and a sparkling Frosty the Snowman. Tables sprinkled with glittering snowflakes had extra “bling” thanks to Marcy who designed centerpieces with a blue and white theme. The centerpieces became table door prizes at the end of the evening. Marcy and Jim really know how to create a theme. Our thanks to them both for all their hard work. They are truly the “hostesses with the mostest!” Members began the dining with appetizers of fresh tomato bruschetta, hot spinach/artichoke dip with flatbread and spicy meatballs. A fresh spinach salad with strawberries, nuts and a vinaigrette dressing; entrees of flat iron steak, pecan-crusted chicken or acorn squash stuffed with quinoa, cranberries and pecans; and cheesecake with a cranberry topping completed the feast. The Gift Grab provided humor with Don and Ron battling for a box of chocolates. The wine wrestle and brew battle added to our grins. (The smart ones hid their gifts to avoid them being confiscated.) But like all good things, the evening had to come to an end, so we bid adieu to our Badgerland Miata friends until we meet at the next event!

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