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July 1, 2020

Movie Night

Hosts: Tom and Mary Lynn Cinealis

Update #2 (June 30, 2020))

Movie night has been moved to Wednesday because of weather.

Sorry, we're having a bit of a problem with the Yellowstone Trail Ride so;
How do you feel about a ride to a parking lot?

Well, maybe I have a short-term diversion that will allow a little socializing with our cars, but without a lot of hassle. I would like to invite you to a Drive-in Movie night in Menomonee Falls. I have the ability to present movies on the back lot of our company building, and would love to have you join us for an evening of socializing, a bit of libations and maybe even some hot dogs and popcorn.

Of course, we will have to follow some rules about social distancing and proper hygiene protocol, but it should be a fun way to spend a summers evening and seeing the gang again. BMC will provide hotdogs for roasting, popcorn and we'll have access to the company bathrooms. You provide your own condiments, utensils and favorite beverages of course. You can sit in your cars for the movie, or if you want to, bring your lawn chairs. Well set up an area for combined chatting and watching.

You'll also need to take a nap that day because this is summer, and the sun doesn't go down early, so our event will start at about 7:30 PM and go on until who knows when.

Remember, I have keys for the facilities so the potty stops can be as frequent as you want.

The main feature is 1958s THUNDER ROAD with Robert Mitchum.
Fast cars and moonshine, whod a thought I pick that one!

The date will be based on the weather but for now its 7:30, Tuesday June 30th.
We'll push it back daily if the weather becomes an issue.
The place: North 90 W14507 Patrita Drive, Menomonee Falls.

Sorry you wont find the address on the back of the building, but our MULTI-FAB PRODUCTS & NOVA logos are on the wall so it should easy to find. You can actually see them from the Main St. overpass.

Hope to see you there.

Registration: You can RSVP us at or 414 248-6096

Attendance List: (June 27, 2020)
  1. Tom & Mary Lynn C.
  2. Tom & ML C.
  3. Jen & Ellan
  4. Stan & Jan Ks
  5. Ron & Lin C.
  6. Don G.
  7. Henry & Laura N.
  8. Bill & Carol J
  9. Dennis & Jane S

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