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Nov 3, 2018

BMC Planning Meeting

Host: Tom Cinealis

Update October 2, 2018


It’s that time when the Badgerland Miata Club reviews the year’s events, elect & (re-elect) officers, and puts together our plans for the upcoming season - planning trips & outings for the upcoming 2019 driving year.

We know that you probably enjoyed the events you went on this year, and here’s your chance to make your mark on the 2019 season. As always, we have the changing of some officers, procedures to discuss, and events to plan, so it’s really important that you attend, participate, and get involved in the fun.

YOU are the club – make sure you attend this most important event.

We are looking for you to bring your ideas and your appetite. We’ll supply a light lunch and refreshments. And after we’ve exhausted ourselves putting together all the great events for next year, we’ll head west just a bit to Albanese’s Roadhouse for some libations and of course a little Italian dinning.

If you’re not sure where Brookfield, is, it’s easy, it’s part of Goerkes Corners just west of Milwaukee, (Waukesha County).
It’s where I-94 and Highway 18 (Bluemound Rd.) intersect. (Click HERE for event flyer.)

11:30 Meet and greet at Hall Mazda: 19809 W Bluemound Rd, Brookfield, WI
12:00 Light Lunch supplied by HALL MAZDA
12:45 Bring the planning session to order
4:00 Adjourn and quickly clean up
4:30 Head west down the street for some libation and a good meal at:
Albanese’s Roadhouse
2301 W. Bluemound Road, Waukesha
1 Mile West - at the corner of Bluemound Rd. & Parklawn Dr.

This is a different venue for dinner but we still need a head count for both the meeting at Hall Mazda and Dinner at Albanese’s Roadhouse. Please join us to review and renew YOUR organization.

Contact the webmaster to sign up.

Attendance List: Nov 2, 2018
    1. Ron & Lin C
    2. Jane & Dennis S
    3. Laura & Henry N
    4. Don & Anne G
    5. Ron & Cheri S.
    6. Jim L.
    7. Paul & Jenny F.
    8. Jim H.
    9. Bill & Carol J.
    10. Don M.
    11. Don G.
    12. Al & Pat K.
    13. Brian C.
    14. Stan K.

    Dinner List:
    1. Jane & Dennis S
    2. Laura & Henry N
    3. Don & Anne G
    4. Ron & Cheri S.
    5. Paul & Jenny F.
    6. Jim & Marcy H.
    7. Bill & Carol J.
    8. Don G.
    9. Al & Pat K.
    10. Brian C.
    11. Stan K.

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