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April 21, 2018

Don Miller Mud Run X

Hosts: Lynn, Bonfield, Henry Netzinger and Terry Reick

Update #2 (March 25, 2018))

Just as March came in like a lamb, we hope Saturday, April 21st will be just as great a day to take our Miatas out for their first BMC driving event of 2018. We hope we donít have to drive in the mud.

We will begin the event at 10:00 AM for a meet and greet at Don Miller Mazda, 5812 Odana Road, Madison, WI. (Phone 608-442-3131 for sales). At 10:45 AM we will assemble in the Mazda sales room for a short meeting. At 11:30 AM Don Miller Mazda will then host a lunch for us (usually has been a hot meal to fill your tummy). If you wish to have some work done on your Miata please call them directly and set up an appointment (608-729-0345).

At 12:00 PM there will be a driverís meeting and at 12:30 PM we will proceed to the driving event where we will traverse the twists and turns of Dane and Columbia Counties.

2:00 ish take a brief pit stop at Culverís, 716 Philips Blvd., Sauk City.

2:30 we will drive again through Sauk County.

At 4:30 PM we will be at the Green Acres restaurant in Sauk City for dinner. This is a change from the original plans. We were not able to secure the Vintage Brewery for dinner. They are having prom for a group that night and were unable to host us within a timely manner. Thank you for understanding. Green Acres is under management of Fish Tails located on Lake Wisconsin. They are staying true to the Green Acres menu and the food is fantastic. We were just there this past Friday night and had great food and great service.

We NEED to order in advance. Menu choices are listed below: Please let us know what you would like by Sat., April 14, as they want to make sure we have the best service they can give us!
Email Henty at

         Sandwich choices:

  1. Burger - Ĺ pound $10.95
  2. Ribeye steak (8oz) on toast $14.95
  3. Fish Sandwich (Haddock) - $9.00

  4. Dinner choices: includes baked potato and salad bar:

  5. Shrimp 5 jumbo shrimp -deep fried or broiled $21.00
  6. Chicken Breast char-grilled with wild rice or potato -$15.00
  7. 10 oz. Top Sirloin steak - $20.00
  8. Two 8 oz. pork chops - $18.00
  9. 20% gratuity will be added to the check.

Please register for this event so we will have enough food at Don Miller Mazda.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!

To register please give the following information:
Name(s)         Cell phone number (for contact for this ride only)         Dinner Choice

Registration: Contact Henry Netzinger at or 608-393-0432.

Attendance List: (April 10, 2018)

Ride Dinner
1. Henry & Laura N. yes
2. Jim & Karen L. yes
3. Terry and Kathy R. yes
4. Lynn B. yes
5. Don & Linda M. yes
6. Ron & Cheri S. yes
7. Shane H. & Guest yes
8. Jenny & Paul F. yes
9. Betty & Terry L. yes
10. Brian & Ginger C. yes
11. Jim G. yes
12. Barb & Ed T. yes
13. Carol & Bill J. yes
14. Joanne & Jim T. yes
15. Tom & Mary Lynn C.
16. Toni & Jim T. Yes
17. Tom & Bonnie W. Yes
18. Paula & Ron B. Yes
19. Ron & Lin C.
20. Jim & Peg W. Yes
21. Jim & Jean S. Yes
22. Patty & Al K. Yes
23. Jim & Marcy H. Yes

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