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September 9 & 10, 2017

Chicago Hyper Drive
HPDE 101, and HPDE 1

Chicago Autobahn Country Club, Joliet Il

Hosts: Don Gervais

Update #2 (July 16, 2017)

Come join us for a fun filled weekend or just a day as we drive the racetrack at the Autobahn country club.

NASA Great Lakes and Midwest regions have created an introduction to road course driving called HPDE 101. (For the more adventuresome you can sign up for HPDE 1 which is a two day driving class with 8 track sessions with an instructor.) This allows a new driver to become familiar with the various aspects of open track driving. You will experience the same processes that NASA drivers experience every weekend. These include:

The morning all hands drivers and instructors meeting.

NASA car tech prior to taking your car out on the track.

After the meeting you will have the chance to drive the track with an instructor. After the laps you will be invited to participate in the first HPDE 1 classroom session. This includes driving safety, what to expect while on a road course, the various flags and what they mean, how to enter and exit the track and the fundamentals of braking, turning and accelerating. After the classroom session you are invited to stick around and watch some great racing. In the afternoon you will have a session where you will go back out onto the track with an instructor to practice what you learned in your classroom session. This session will be at speed or whatever you are comfortable with. You will also be able to do ride alongs in fast HPDE 3 and 4 cars and if you are real lucky you may be able to do a ride along in your instructors car.

You will need to have a hard top, or a roll bar to be allowed on the track. (A car with a retractable hard top is OK) Myself and one other club member are going to be there for the whole weekend so come join us.

For more information on NASA’s HPDE program just go to and you can always contact me at

See Event Flyer for special pricing for Military and First Responders.

Registration: Please notify Don Gervais at

Attendance List (Posted January 29, 2017)
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