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Aug 19, 2017

Southern Run through Lake Geneva

Hosts: Jay Zawerschnik & Paul Friederichs

Update #4 July 23, 2017

Join use for a Miata run through the southeast Wisconsin lake area. We will begin at the Aurora Hospital south parking lot in Summit. The hospital is located at the intersection of I-94 and Hwy 67. Follow the emergency entrance to the North lot staging area. We will be leaving the lot at 10:30 and weave through the State Forest and Whitewater Lake area on our way to lunch at Harpoon Willie’s in Williams Bay. We will have time for lunch and wondering around. Leaving at 1:30pm to tour more of Lake Geneva and the Southeastern Lakes Area before heading back to Waterford for a pit stop and ice cream at Uncle Harry's.

The last leg takes us through the State Forest for dinner and cocktails at dinner at The Trout House at Rushing Waters

*** Need dinner confirmation at Rushing Waters by 8/10 to ***

Registration: To sign up contact Paul Friederichs at

Attendance List (Posted August 17, 2017)
  1. Paul & Deanne Z
  2. Paul & Jenny F
  3. Ron & Cheri S.
  4. Henry & Laura N.
  5. Terry & Betty L.
  6. Dan D. & Mary Z.
  7. Peter L. & Sharon S.
  8. Dave & Tillie M.
  9. Karen H. & Jim L.
  10. Al & Patty K.
  11. Terry & Kathy R.
  12. Kevin & Sheryl S.
  13. Jim & Jean S.
  14. Ginger & Brian C.
  15. Bob & Gina S.
  16. Lynn B.
  17. Keith & Linda B.

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