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Aug 5, 2017

Corral Continental Sports Car Challenge

Hosts: Don Gervais

Update #1 (January 29, 2017)

Join us for a fun day of great sports car racing and camaraderie. We have been invited to participate in Mazda Fest at Road America. We will park in the Mazda corral located between turns 13, and 14. We will join the Mazda community, and the RX and Miata clubs from WI, Il, MN, and IA. There will be tours of some of the top Mazda racing team paddocks, and a fan walk. Showing them your Mazda key can access the Mazda hospitality center. The center has a state of the art racing simulator where you can pit yourself against the Road America road course. The center also in air-conditioned with lounge chairs, refreshments and many big screen s where you can relax and watch the action on the track. Mazda also sections off part of the go-cart track where you can go and drive all the cars they make.

I will be offering a 1,1/2 hour drive through the twisty roads of the Northern Kettle Moraine on the way to the track. Just meet at the Brisco County restaurant located at the Southeast corner of HWY 41 and County Q in Menomonee Falls WI. And be ready to leave at 8:00 am. Hearing protection is recommended.

Registration: Please notify Don Gervais at

Attendance List (Posted July 10, 2017)
  1. Don G.
  2. Don D. & Mary Z
  3. Ron S. & Guest
  4. Paul & Friend
  5. Jay & Deanne Z.
  6. John G. & Son

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