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The Twisted Triangle

June 23-30, 2017

By Tom Cinealis

Update #2 (February 24, 2017)

I-71 / I-75 / I-64

Some of the best roads in Northern Kentucky

Driving in the Kentucky Triangle, bordered by 3 interstates intersecting
Louisville KY, Lexington KY & Florence KY (Cincinnati OH)

Driving - History - Bourbon - Shopping - Beer - Food - More Driving
Mid-June 2017 6 Nights / 7days - 9 cars

A Twisted Triangle Update

Since this event seems to have started based on a three sided destination, I guess I should be doling out information in 3's as well.

First, our dates for this event are now officially June 23th to the 30th.
We will be offering a meeting place in Northern Indiana for a pre-night stay again if folks are interested, but the location city is yet to be confirmed.

Second, we'll be staying in only three hotels during our time in the triangle so we won't have to do the luggage shuffle every day. We also have some tours lined up and some stops of interest as well, (think of Cars, History, Bourbon & Food).

Geographically, we will be spending most of our nights either near Louisville, or the Frankfurt/Lexington area so that we can take advantage of what those cities have to offer, but a good portion of our trip will be plowing the back roads of Northern Kentucky.

There will be more info coming but the last
important note is that this even is
limited to 9 cars.
(3x3 get it!)

So' if you're interested don't dally to long, or you'll be out of luck.

Registration: Please contact Tom Cinealis @ at 414-446-8047 or for sign up.

Attendance List : (posted April 20, 2017)

  1. Tom & Mary Lynn C
  2. Mike & MJ S
  3. Jim & Marcy H
  4. Jim & Peg W.
  5. Tom & Bonnie W.
  6. Lin & Ron C
  1. Al & Pat K.

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