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1997 Mazda Miata
Asking $8,600

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1997 Mazda Miata 27,000 miles $8,600,   Brilliant black with Tan leather interior
1.8L, 5 Speed Manual Transmission,   Air Conditioning (blows cold)
Torsen Limited Slip Differential,   Cruise Control
Power Steering, Power Mirrors, Power Windows, Power Antenna
Headrest Speakers, Retractable Headlights, Dealer-added Wood Trim ($445)
Dealer-added Spoiler ($250), Dealer-added CD Player ($375)
No Hardtop. Original owner didn't buy one. Window sticker says there was one, but there's a separate doc from the dealer showing hardtop delete.
This is the last year of the first-generation Miata (NA).

I purchased from the original owner in June, 2015 with ~18,000 miles.
The story as I gathered it was that the original female owner was a woman diagnosed with cancer back in 1997. To cheer herself up during the battle, she stopped by the Mazda dealer and bought herself this little black sports car that she saw on the lot. She was still alive when I bought it in 2015, but she wasn't able to drive it much anymore. Indeed, CarFax shows she only put about 4,000 miles on it between 2004 and 2015. I didn't get to meet her. She had a friend handle the sale for her--he was a City of Milwaukee firefighter.

Original owner had battery replaced 6/15/2015

Aside from oil/filter changes, I've had a few things professionally done while in my care (have receipts):

1) 6/16/2015: New tires. Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec. Replaced original tires because they were almost 20 years old. Maintained OEM size. It's a grippy little summer tire.

2) 1/12/2017: New timing belt/water pump. Original didn't fail. I just had it done because it's a 20 year-old rubber part. And while you're in there, you might as well replace the water pump, too.

3) 4/21/2017: New Clutch Slave Unit. It developed a little leak and the clutch wasn't disengaging completely.

Passed Wisconsin emissions test on 7/14/2015. That's the only time I had to have it tested because I put collector plates on it.

I garaged it year-round on top of a vapor barrier on the concrete floor. Mainly drove it back and forth to work in the summer, about 14 miles one way. Mostly 45 mph farm roads. At work, it was parked under cover in a climate-controlled garage. Almost always drove with top down and top boot in place. Seldom driven when there was rain in the forecast.

Stored winters in the garage on different wheels/tires. Stored the Dunlops in my house so they wouldn't flat spot.

I've kept everything stock.

Never raced. Never autocrossed. Never gymkhana-ed. Never drifted. Never road-coursed. Never rallied. Never stanced. Never lowered. Never donked. Wow, am I boring. I'm a 40-something software developer.

I didn't like the dealer-installed wood trim at first, but it has definitely grown on me--it reminds me of the old Triumph dashes. It looks unique compared to the normal dour black dashes you always see. If I keep it I might find a Nardi wood steering wheel, shift knob, and parking brake handle.

The rear window is very clear and not foggy like you normally see. The original owner added a rear-window-saving accessory that surrounds the window with soft fleece when the top is down so it doesn't get scratched up. It's definitely working.

There are a few little indiscretions. A little ding on the driver's rear quarter by the door. I tried to take a picture next to a dime, but it didn't show up too well. There are a few scratches on the lower part of the rear panel where the original owner's snowblower slid into it. They're covered with touch-up paint so they're hard to see and photograph.

Why am I selling? It's been a fun car--everything they say it is. But I still have this nagging desire for a mid-sixties Ford or Mercury (not-Mustang). No trades, though.

Cash only. Sold as-is. Test drives for serious buyers with cash in hand. I still drive it locally occasionally, but I'm trying to keep the miles below 27,500. We'll meet at the Cedarburg Police StationW75 N444 N Wauwatosa Rd, Cedarburg, WI 53012

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