Saturday June 9th, 2018

Roads Scholar National Course Rally

This is one of 10 National Course rallies in the 2018 SCCA RoadRally Championship Series. Rallymaster Jim Crittenden has designed it for experienced rallyists and it would not be appropriate for novice contestants. There is at least one, sometimes two tricks (or traps) on each leg that provide an extra challenge to following the rally course. This rally will draw contestants from across the U.S. who compete in the SCCA Championship Series. It starts and finishes on the northeast side of Madison. Online registration is now open at

Sunday June 10th, 2018

Roads Scholar Divisional Course Rally

This rally will use the same set of General Instructions as the Roads Scholar National, but will be an easier rally. It is designed to be run by folks who have competed in at least 3 rallies and are ready step up to a more intricate and challenging event. Each leg will have a trick that will test your ability to observe and to follow the rules from the General Instructions. Like the National, it starts and finishes on the northeast side of Madison. line registration is now open at

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